Penelope Pop 1

Winnie's endeavors exceed professional work and education—she is the co-founder of Future Faces Manila, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students from low-income families in studying the arts. Under Future Faces, she is also managing a new project aiming to create a soup kitchen built from plastic-derived bricks. The soup kitchen intends to feed children and families who earn less than a dollar a day by providing them with nutritional meals rather than canned food and cultivating sustainability and proper food waste management.


Beyond Penelope Pop, Winnie Wong is a dedicated supporter of art and education, especially towards the youth. Winnie earned her degrees in Early Childhood Education and Illustration at Emily Carr University and has since shared her expertise in several ventures. Currently, she is a full-time Graphic Design and Photography teacher at the High School of ISM (International School Manila), facilitating and organizing art workshops for both students and teachers.