YNM Beauty Review | Sunnies Face Fluffmatte (1/3)


Also, Sunnies Face just released another product, so they have more than four products in their line.

Follow my @penelopepopart and make sure you watch all three videos. Products will be delivered once all three videos are out.

FYI I noticed I said Sunnies Fluffmate at the beginning and but I correct myself after! Apologies!!

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The New Future Faces Manila

I want to share with you something we have been working on. Future Faces Manila started in 2011 as a student-initiated non-profit and has evolved with the same ideals of being student-led but centered around sustainability. Join us in creating our first soup kitchen using re-purposed plastic. Become part of our initiative in providing nutritious meals for children in impoverished local communities.

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How To Be Basic: Wearing a Uniform

Here I talk about wearing a "uniform" to work. I discuss what I love about it, tips on choosing your own uniform (for work or school). In my How to Basic Series, I discuss my journey of living more practically and only bringing things I need. Basic is defined as only having things you need, and this can have different meanings for each person.

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Whats In His Bag? | Phillip Soriano

We take a look at different bags and find out how others pack their bag and what they usually bring. I try to convince them to take out some and then we talk about some of their favorite from their bag. Our second guess is one of the Soriano Brothers, Phillip! He is a tech guy and he loves being prepared for any type of situation, which is why he is always prepared! There is still a lot of room for improvement. Hope that you still like the concept, expect to see more!

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Life of Wan: Workout Routine

This is a glimpse into my workout routine. This is a routine that is working out for me, but it is different for everyone. I didn't start working out three times a week, it was a gradual thing that I worked on and developed, so don't feel pressured

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