Yay Nay Or Meh | Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation and Setting Spray Review

Welcome to YAY MEH OR NAY my new rubric system to evaluate products that I have tried. This is my take on reviewing makeup and the goal is to be informative, transparent and honest. All the products that I have tested will be here and will receive a sticker: Yay, Nay or Meh. All the products go through a trial period of one week to test it on different skin days, weather and bad days. This is to give the product a chance to show us what they’ve got! My answers will be honest and I guarantee that this is 100% authentic!

This week I will be reviewing two products released by Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation and the Setting Spray. I hope you enjoy this, of course there is room for improvement so if you want to see more. Comment what you want to see next, how I can improve and what products you want to see next?