Yay Nay or Meh: Generation Happy Skin Collection Review

There are so many beauty reviews out there, thus I really spent the time to reflect on what I would do if I wanted to start reviewing makeup and how I could make mine have a refreshing spin on it. When I make a video, I’m fully aware that the idea has been done, but to me, it's not about creating something new but evolving what is out there.

Welcome to YAY MEH OR NAY my new rubric system to evaluate products that I have tried. This is my take on reviewing makeup and the goal is to be informative, transparent and honest. All the products that I have tested will be here and will receive a sticker: Yay, Nay or Meh.

All the products go through a trial period of one week to test it on different skin days, weather and bad days. This is to give the product a chance to show us what they’ve got! My answers will be honest and I guarantee that this is 100% authentic!

A few weeks ago, I asked viewers to help me decide which local product they wanted me to review. This is my first official beauty review, and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to make my first beauty review than on a local product. I hope you enjoy this, of course there is room for improvement so if you want to see more.

Comment what you want to see next, how I can improve and what products you want to see next?

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