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join us in creating our first soup kitchen using re-purposed plastic. Become part of our initiative in providing nutritious meals for children in impoverished local communities.

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who is involved

we believe in collaborating and working with established foundations to build better projects. We have teamed up with foundations like Project Pearls and Green Antz to help our project come to life.


what we want

to improve the food and sanitation quality of those living in impoverished local communities. 

Developing sustainable solutions and decreasing waste production by re-purposing consumed plastic. 

Alleviate hunger in impoverished local communities by creating a feeding program that will provide nutritious meals to families.


our target

PHP 4, 000,000

in order to complete our project, we need to raise 4,000,000 and collect 9,000 bottles worth of plastic.

We need all the help we can get.

You can email us if you would like to volunteer or donate

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the plastic inititiative

we will be collaborating with various organizations to collect 9000 bottles worth of plastic. the plastic collected will be collected and transported to Green Antz which will then be used to create the eco-bricks.


our main plastic collaborator

we will be working with Love Beauty and Planet from Uniliever to collect our 9,000 bottles worth of plastic. They will be creating drop-off points for individuals to drop off plastic.


we will be accepting collection of these plastic codes

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how can you help?

Starting April 22, You can drop off your used and clean plastic to the following drop off points! This will help us build out soup kitchen! 


Marketplace Rockwell


Marketplace Central Square


Rustans Makati

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our dream hub

we believe in creating with intent. we want to make it the best it can be with our collaboration with project pearls they have provided us 225 square meters of space to build the hub located in bocaue, bulacan

we will be utilizing 100 square meters of floor area and a 80 by 20ft mobile container

meet our architect nicholai go

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sustainable feeding program

we want to create a food program that follows our ideals of sustainability. Decreasing our carbon footprint and waste.

Our food program will consist of collaborating with restaurants to receive food donations. By using unused produce in restaurants to create fresh nutritious meals that will be used by our in-house chefs and served by volunteers


educating the future

we want to create workshops that will educate families that participate in our feeding programs about hygiene, the value of nutritious meals, waste and living sustainable

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launch of project signing contract with all our collaborators fundraising initiatives


start of construction building food program begin training staff or volunteers


completion of construction and soft launch of soup kitchen

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March 30

Zumba with Ina Raymundo we were able to raise 100,000 

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April 3

Officially signing of MOA with Green Antz, Project Pearls and Nicholai Go to jump start project

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April 22

Drop off your plastic to help us build our soup kitchen


May 18

Zumba with Ina Raymundo! Come in your best Summer outfit and join us for a fun afternoon breaking a sweat! 


contact us

If you have a question about applying for funding or a general inquiry about the foundation, email us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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ways to give

Your support can make a world of difference for children in need.