Generation Happy Skin

Active Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint

PHP 299

Focus / Breathe

Yup, it's the no-mess lip tint. The Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint gives a smooth and naturally sheer color for the lips & cheeks that lasts day to night. It dries into a watercolor wash to create the perfect lip stain!




Long Lasting Pigment: It definitely lasts for a very long time

Easy Application: It easy to apply, you can just use your fingers, but make sure that you blend it quickly as it will dry fast and leave a stain!

Lasting and Transfer: It leaves a nice lasting tint. Great lasting power and does not transfer.


No Mess Lip Tint: If you do not blend it immediately it will leave a stain, so just be careful when you apply the product.

Smooth and Naturally Sheer color: Gives smooth look and has a nice natural sheer color on the cheek and lips.

Dries into a watercolor wash- Yes it does indeed!



Colors: There are two colors ,that are offered in this collection. If we compare the two from one another, there is only a slight shade difference and will be hard to notice, since it will only leave a sheer tint. You only need to purchase one of the colors if you’re thinking of purchasing the lip and cheek tint.

** I cannot claim if it is good for everyone. It is important for you to try it on your skin to see if it works well on your skin tone.



How does it compare to what's in the market? Lip and Cheek stains are very popular in the Asian Beauty market. It fulfills all the qualities of a good Lip and Cheek Tint, which is nice long lasting water color stain.  It offers a lot for the price and can compete with the other existing lip and cheek tints.

Can it compete with what is out there based on the price? Yes, if I compare it to the Benefit Lip Tint, the price point is significantly lower and has a better pay off in result.



Packaging Design: Simple and straight forward packaging which is easy to use.’

Typography: The packaging is readable and clear san-serif font.

Color: Good contrast of colors. Aligns with Active Aesthetic they are going for.



Is it sustainable? No, I am okay with the main encasing that the product comes in, however the extra plastic packaging is wasteful. Companies should start being more responsible with the waste that they produce, now that Global Warming is prevalent. If they want to move forward with the packaging, they should be accountable by providing solutions to customers in what they can do with the packaging afterwards.


Dyes: When a colour is named “FD&C” it means that it has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food, medicines and cosmetics. When it’s labelled “D&C” then it has not been approved for food. The dyes used in this product are D&C , which means that it has not been approved by the FDA.



Price vs Product Amount

Cheap Comparison:  Etude House Cheek Tint offers 4.4 ml for 6 dollars / 310 PHP

Expensive Comparison: Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint offers 10ml for 29 dollars / 1,500 PHP

Happy Skin offers 6.5ml for 6 dollars / 299 PHP

Good Offer