Generation Happy Skin

Active Love Your Lips Intense Color Butter Balm SPF 15

PHP 349

Free / Bliss/ Powerful / Fierce

Lips as soft as butter but a formula as light as a feather. The LOVE YOUR LIPS Intense Color Butter Balm SPF 15 actively protects and softens dry lips, thanks to the smooth, buttery moist formula. Intensely pigmented, this vegan, paraben-free lip butter provides a lasting power of two hours with a natural mint extract that cools and refreshes lips.




Smooth Pigments: Super-rich color payoff in just one swipe. Smooth

and buttery texture.

Easy Application: Easy to glide on.

Moisturizing Feel: It feels cooling but does not feel like it moisturizes, not as effective as a lip balm.


Soft Butter Lips- Very comfortable to wear and smooth butter texture, but does not feel hydrating.

SPF 15 protection- Yes? Where do you find that in the formula? I’m just going to trust that it is there.

Soften dry lips- Gives soft look, but does not soften dry lips.

Butter Moist Formula- Great texture, and easy to apply formula.

Pigmented - Strong pigments with all shades in the collection.

Vegan- Yes!

Paraben-Free- Yay!

Lasting power of two hours - It lasts for a long time, however, the color smears a bit.

Natural Mint- Definitely feel the cooling effect.



Colors: There are four colors that are offered as it is part of a collection. I like the colors, especially the color Free. I don’t think I would wear the two dark shades, however they are nice on darker skin.

** I cannot claim if it is good for everyone, and saying that it is for everyone is hard because everyone has their own preference.



What's in the market? it tries to fulfill all the elements of a balm and more. Moisture lock, creamy and buttery effect, strong color pay-off in balm and SPF. There aren’t that many lip products labelled under “balms” that have strong colors.

Can it compete with what is out there based on the price? A intense lip balm that provides strong pigements for 399 PHP or 6 dollars is budget friendly. I want to remind others that lipstick is something you are most likely to digest and some cheap lipstick formulas contain ingredients that may be bad for us. So its safer to spend more on lipsticks that don’t cut corners with their formula and pay for better ingredients. So if you are a person that uses lipstick everyday you might want to invest in better formula or you may just be ingesting lead (if you’re buying cheap products).



Packaging Design: Simple and solid colors with a nice matte finish.

Typography: Readable and clear.

Color: Aligns with the aesthetic of the brand and uses nice colors for the collection they created.



Is it sustainable? Extra plastic packaging is excessive and wasteful. So its a no no!


How are the ingredients?

Some concerning ingredients include:

Dyes: When a colour is named “FD&C” it means that it has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food, medicines and cosmetics. When it’s labelled “D&C” then it has not been approved for food.

Tocopheryl Acetate which is marketed as “Vitamin E provides deep nourishment to eliminate chapped lips, while Argan Oil helps keep it soft and smooth.” Based from my research and what I understand, Vitamin E can also be known as Tocopheryl Acetate which is a laboratory form of Vitamin E which can be found in skin care products and supplements. Manufacturers take natural vitamin E and add acetic acid to it to make it last longer and to reduce its cost. The Cosmetics Database qualifies it as a “moderate risk” it can be toxic. Just because that their product contains vitamins, it could be a marketing ploy, so maintain good caution and find out if its natural or lab manufactured.



Price vs Product Amount

Cheap Comparison:  Revlon Kiss Lip Balm offers 2.5g for 4.99 $ /257 PHP

Expensive Comparison: Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint  offers 2.3g for 34 $ / 1,750 PHP

Happy Skin offers 2.5g for 7 $ / 349 PHP