Generation Happy Skin

Active My Lips But Better Ultra Matte Lippie

PHP 399

Limitless / Energy

Lips as soft as butter but a formula as light as a feather. The LOVE YOUR LIPS Intense Color Butter Balm SPF 15 actively protects and softens dry lips, thanks to the smooth, buttery moist formula. Intensely pigmented, this vegan, paraben-free lip butter provides a lasting power of two hours with a natural mint extract that cools and refreshes lips.




Pigment: Yay

Easy Application: it was easy applying very smooth application and one swipe formula

Lasting and Transfer: if you are looking for a matte lipstick that will still last after you eat. Then this is not it. It still transfers.


Feels like your Lips- feels comfortable

Ultra Matte- To get the best out of your lipstick, no matter what you put on your skin has to be good.

Hydrating- I wouldn’t say it hydrating. It maintains the look, I did notice my dead skin appearing but that might just be me. I don’t know any ultra matte formula that's hydrating. So to mention that is just really trying it.



Colors: There are two colors that are offered as it is part of a collection. So we can’t really say if it has a good range as it is a collection and obviously it is limited to the theme. So we can’t expect. I like the colors and I do think that they look good.

** I cannot claim if it is good for everyone, and saying that it is for everyone is hard because everyone has their own preference. So yay!



How does it compare to what's in the market? If there is anything that is saturated in the beauty market, it is matte lipstick thanks to Kylie Jenner and celebrity makeup. The current product by Happy Skin, tries to fulfill all the elements and achieve the qualities of a good matte lipstick which is smooth and good colors. There are just too many matte lipsticks out there and I don’t think it offers a lot of product.

Can it compete with what is out there based on the price? There are so many matte lipsticks that are at that price range for product and offer more in the product.



Packaging Design: Simple, Solid colors with a nice finish.

Typography: Readable and clear.

Color: Good contrast of colors. Aligns with Active aesthetic.



Is it sustainable? No, I am okay with the main encasing that the product comes in but the extra plastic packaging is wasteful.


How are the ingredients? Nothing alarming from what I understand.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Happy Skin says “Concentrated Sunflower Seed Oil replenishes moisture as needed, giving your puckers what they need to fight off cracking and chapping.” Sunflower oil has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture. It would be nice to know how much sunflower oil they are including, as only a certain about would we be able to truly see the Sunflower oil come into works. Many brands use this as a marketing strategy to make you feel like it is made naturally or includes special ingredients that will put us at ease. However, we don’t know where they sourced the ingredients and if they are made naturally. Just wanted you to be aware!



Price vs Product Amount

Cheap Comparison:  L.A. Girl offers Lipify Stylo Lipstick 1.7 g for 5.99$ / 309 PHP

Expensive Comparison: Nudestix Lip and Cheek Pencil offers 2.4g for 26 $ / 1,350 PHP

Happy Skin offers 1.47g for 8 $/ 399 PHP