Generation Happy Skin

Active On-The-Go Blush Lightweight Cheek Stick In Flushed

PHP 399

Glowing / Flushed

The fuss-free blush you can take anywhere! This ON-THE-GO BLUSH Lightweight Cheek Stick has a soft texture that's long-lasting but leaves a natural-looking finish. It's easy-to-bend texture won't clog pores and gives a weightless feel for that effortlessly blushing look.




Long Lasting Color: Does not last long.

Easy Application: Easy to apply but not smooth.

Blendable: Requires the use of a blush, but even with a brush, it takes awhile to blend.


On the Go- Designed to allow individuals to bring around.

Soft Texture- Light color, but does not easily glide on.

Easy to Blend- Formula is not very easy to blend.

The texture will not clog pores- Feels lightweight, Im unsure if it clogs pores.

Weightless feel- Light

Effortless blush look- Depends on the Skin color.



Colors: There are two colors that are offered as it is part of a collection. There is only a slight color difference and would be hard to notice if you’re not an art buff in my opinion. I like the colon and I do think that they look good.

** I cannot claim if it is good for everyone, and saying that it is for everyone is hard because everyone has their own preference.



How does it compare to what's in the market? There are a lot of drug store store Cheek Sticks. There are smoother formulas.

Can it compete with what is out there based on the price? There are drugstore options that offer a smoother application and a range of colors.



Packaging Design: Simple and solid colors with a nice finish.

Typography: Clear and readable.

Color: Colors match the aesthetic of the brand. Good choice of colors.



Is it sustainable? No, extra plastic packaging it comes with is wasteful. Brand should be responsible and come up with a solution to how the packaging will be disposed.


Alarming Ingredients:

Silica: It helps your makeup adhere and spread easily that is considered safe for use in cosmetics, and generally non-carcinogenic, while crystalline Silica is linked to a variety of health hazards, including cancer, allergies, and organ system toxicity.

Tocopheryl Acetate which is marketed as “Vitamin E provides deep nourishment to eliminate chapped lips, while Argan Oil helps keep it soft and smooth.” Based from my research and what I understand, Vitamin E can also be known as Tocopheryl Acetate which is a laboratory form of Vitamin E which can be found in skin care products and supplements. Manufacturers take natural vitamin E and add acetic acid to it to make it last longer and to reduce its cost. The Cosmetics Database qualifies it as a “moderate risk” it can be toxic. Just because they tell you there are vitamins, its a marketing ploy and we want to be careful of how much they actually include and whether is natural or lab manufactured.

Dyes: When a colour is named “FD&C” it means that it has been approved by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for use in food, medicines and cosmetics. When it’s labelled “D&C” then it has not been approved for food. I only see D&C color



Price vs Product Amount

Cheap Comparison:  Nyx Cheek Stick offers 6 g for 6$ / 240 PHP

Expensive Comparison: Milk Makeup Cheek Stick offers 28g for 26$ / 1,200 PHP

Happy Skin offers 4.3g for 8$ / 399 PHP