345 PHP

9 Shades

Basic Rundown

What it is: Fluffmatte is a weightless modern matte lipstick formulated with a silk-structure technology to give you that second skin feel. Each shade is designed to be universally flattering and easy to apply with one quick swipe.

Coverage/Finish: Full


General Expectations of Foundation


Easy Application

= Lasting and Transfer


= Weightless

Universally Flattering

Easy to apply with one quick swipe.



✔ Does it offer a good range of colors? There are nine shades that are a part of the fulffmate series. The cover different tones which is a good range

✔ For all skin tones? Yes



Is it something new compared to pre-existing brands? For something budget friendly, I think that they have curated their color selection very well. It’s definitely not new but it can hold its own and stand out from pre-existing brands. 

=Is it different in formula? There doesn’t seem to be anything different, at least they don’t state it.

= Is it different in packaging design? I think it is very standard. I like both the Frosted and Standard Packaging.

= Unique Branding? Similar branding tone as US “Cali Brands”



Packaging Design:  Simple and Sleek

Color: Very balanced choice of colors

Typography: Readable

Finishing: Love the frosted packaging and has a nice weight to it



Is the packaging sustainable? The packaging consists of a box and then inside is the product itself made of hard plastic. If you have it delivered via Lazada or Zalora. The packaging is incredibly wasteful they come in nude bubble wrap and they only include 1 or 2, when it can fit more. 

= Where is it made and do they have a large carbon foot-print for manufacturing the product? It is manufactured in PRC which in People's Republic of China, which is China. I don’t think manufacturing in China is a bad thing, but they have done a good job at rewording it and making it seem like its not made from China. The carbon footprint wouldn’t be so large considering China isn’t very far from the Philippines. However their shipping packaging is not sustainable at all and is a bit excessive which contributes a lot of waste. 



**Powered by CosDNA and SkinCharisma

What are the products free of

(From SkinCharisma based from the Ingredients analysis)




− Silicone-Free

EU Allergen-Free

Fungal Acne (Malassezia) Safe

Suitable for all Skin Types?

Based from the ingredients there is nothing bad for oily, dry and sensitive skin.

EWG Safety Indicator Environmental Working Group

Based from the EWG Safety Indicator (EWG Rating Ratings) 100% pose no risk 

= Comedogenic (Acne), Irritation and Safety from CosDNA


  • Dimethicone is supposed to allow products to be applied in a smooth way to the skin and fills in wrinkles and lines for an even, smooth appearance of product. However the  side effect of dimethicone is it can increase skin irritation and cause eye irritation in prolonged exposures and may cause allergic reaction to those with sensitive skin


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Price vs Product Amount-

Cheap Comparison:  MAYBELLINE Powder Matte Lipstick  0.15 oz for 5.81 USD / 299 HP

Expensive Comparison: MAC Lipstick Matte 0.1 oz for 18.5 USD / 951 PHP

Current: SUNNIES FACE  Fluffmate Offers 0.11 for 6.70 USD / 345 PHP